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Our mission is to design and build web applications and SAAS tailored to your business needs that generate productivity and efficiency.

DEV2CEO, a subsidiary of Openmind Technologies, is dedicated to serving as your trusted software development partner. Our team specializes in custom software development services, including integration, maintenance, coding, rewriting, and other related services. With our expertise and experience, we help businesses meet their unique software needs and achieve their goals.

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How we differentiate ourselves

Our recipe for success is simple: we've leveraged our extensive experience working with clients to build a comprehensive service offering. By continuously learning from our clients and incorporating their feedback, we have honed our approach to deliver exceptional results.

Our solutions are designed to alleviate your pain points and streamline your workday, allowing you to focus on what matters most - growing your business. To ensure project success, we proactively identify and address three key obstacles from the outset: cost overruns, lack of desired results from custom-developed software, and human and learning challenges. By tackling these potential roadblocks head-on, we can mitigate risks and deliver solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Our Approach

Let our dev crew think outside the code for you

Bring your application to life as quickly as possible, without writing a line of code.

We guarantee results from the start.

We share the risk with our clients by proactively identify potential risks and assessing ROI before coding to deliver solutions that align with their objectives.

Our creation process begins with a SWAT team of developers who are dedicated to your project.

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you have in mind.
Design & Price Your Project

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We have a dedicated podcast where we cover many topics, including success and failure projects, in addition to in-depth analysis of the many concepts surrounding success metrics in product development.

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A trusted tech partner

DEV2CE0 is a trusted tech partner that stands out because its team can easily adapt to our schedules and understands our issues

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